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The official trailer for Aakashe Kheti has been published, and it shows the widespread employment problem that concerns every Nepalese individual. The film features the close friendship of three friends, Saila, Sange, and Rikute. The cast of the Aakashe Kheti picture includes Gaurav Pahari, Wilson Bikram Rai, Buddhi Tamang, Nita Dhungana, Rama Limbu, Jayananda Lama, Shishir Wangdel, Rabindra Jha, Laksh Sharma, Prakash Sharma, Krishna Gurung, Anup Yakso, and Rajni Gurung.

The boys are on the verge of a rapid money-making operation until they get off track. In the dramatic tone, the social settings are perplexing and unsupportive. All of the important plans have been altered or suggested after the one common 15th day, and the guys may be paid handsomely for completing the designated assignment. The three companions accepted the problems and attempted to manage them effectively by forming strong team relationships. Local thugs and cops are on the lookout for unlawful activities that make it difficult for them to achieve their intended aims.

Gaurav Pahari plays the character Saila, a home son-in-law with no job objectives in life. His father-in-law is highly angry with him and frequently offers sad phrases that pain Saila, even though Saila adores and cares deeply for his wife. Saila meets his two buddies regularly and conveys his anguish at being humiliated by his father-in-law. To get rid of these irritations, he desires to find work and make as much money as possible by doing any of the formats of the work.

Wilson Bikram Rai portrays Sange, who appears to be dissatisfied with his life as a result of his terrible connection with his girlfriend and mismanaged earning potential. His lover offers to take a language school and relocate to Korea to earn money for a few years, but Sange declines her offer. He wants to remain in his motherland, working and living in the nation. His close buddy Saila advises him to take the incorrect ways in order to gain quick money, but Sange finds it difficult to listen to his friend. This demonstrates Sange’s rigidity and depression throughout his life.

In Aakashe Kheti, Buddhi Tamang depicts Rikute, a villager who falls in love with the village’s modest local business. Rikute is a provocative figure who encourages his companions in every undertaking. After seeing the teaser, Rikute is heavily motivated by short-term ambitions to get money and has impacted exceedingly hard, putting him behind jail. He appears to be pretty skilled at fooling about and taking advantage of circumstances, yet he blames luck if he fails to gain anything despite his best attempts.

Rabindra Jha acts as the humorous officer in charge of the local cops. Mr. Jha is so enthusiastic about his profession that he feels he will one day achieve the required level of renown in the police force. He appears to be doing a fine job, yet his performance appears unconfident and untrustworthy.

Nita Dhungana exhibits Sange’s love interest opposite Wilson Bikram Rai. Nita is one of the village’s most attractive females, and Sange is a romantic attraction. Nita receives the nicest things from Sange to demonstrate his affection, and he even desires a new bike to take her on a romantic date trip. After Sange goes on the mission Aakashe Kheti, some third person gets into Nita’s life as a love interest. Here’s the watch-through, will Nita be loyal to Sange by the end of the movie?

With all of these overviews and observations, it is clear that the film is set in a tiny country portion of Nepal, portraying the narrative of a poor class living who desires to dream big while living in his native nation. Without any skills or expertise, the only viable choice is to rely on fate. On March 11, 2022, all previously unheard solutions of Aakashe Kheti will be revealed. See you in a cinema near you!

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