Aandhi Toofan 2 (2079 ) Trailer | Girls in Powerful Action | Ravi Giri | Sony BC | Yanshu Shrestha | Aarati Acharya

The official trailer for Aandhi Toofan 2 has been uploaded on the Budha Subba Digital YouTube platform. Girls trafficking is a critical issue in the country, and no one is standing up to the criminal minds that are performing these unlawful acts. And then there are three mighty city angels who are fearless and fear nothing.

aandhi toofan 2

In conversation with the makers of Aandhi Toofan 2, they state that the movie highlights women’s empowerment and encouragement. Madan Ghimire directed the sequel to the big blockbuster film ‘Aandhi Tufan,’ which was released in 2063 BS. In key roles, this film features Ravi Giri, Sony BC, Yanshu Shrestha, and Aarati Acharya. The cinema is releasing on 5th August 2022 in the whole Nepal.

Watch Aandhi Toofan 2 Movie Trailer:


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