Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali (2079) Movie Trailer: Dreams of Rural Childern | Sujit Bidari

The trailer for the film Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali depicts the fantasies of countryside children who desire to migrate to the metropolis in quest of quality time. When you are born into a poor family, your goals are frequently crushed by financial requirements; thus the video offered here attempts to express the anguish of being born into a bad financial background family.

Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali trailer

In the movie Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali, Bidya is a brilliant student who enjoys reading and writing, and she has a talent for creating beautiful poems. Her younger brother is supporting her throughout her school career. Basanta is influenced by his impoverished friends who wish to live in the city. After witnessing the rustic way of life, Basanta asks that her sister Bidya travel to the city and experience the quality of living.

This flick is produced under A Icefall Productions And Local Cinema which looks good in making structure. The picture is written and directed by Sujit Bidari. You can enjoy Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali film on 9 September 2022 in cinemas near you.

Watch Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali Movie Trailer:


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