Antim Sanskar (2023) Movie Review: Bloody Mystrey

Antim Sanskar’s murder mystery revolves around the disappearance of a notable filmmaker. The film emphasizes the critical link between a son and a father who does not share a good bonding.

antim sanskar movie review

Antim Sanskar Movie Story:

The film Antim Sanskar follows Dhiraj (Trichu Rai) on his trip. Dhiraj is on his way to Upper Mustang to fulfill a childhood commitment he made to himself. His friend does not encourage him to relocate, but he is determined to do it anyhow. As a consequence, his pal Rabin, deputy manager of TIA Cargo, aids him in locating his belongings at the indicated place. Dhiraj packs his belongings and sets out on his quest.

Dhiraj is a drug addict, and as a result, his mental health is failing. He drinks because he has been unhappy and lonely since he was a child. He assumed everything would be well after being adopted by the town’s famous director, Daya Lama (Vijay Lama), but things didn’t work out between them. As a result, their relationship became icy and uncomfortable for both of them.

antim sanskar movie cast

Dhiraj is preparing to go on his Upper Mustang journey when his father unexpectedly pays him a visit. Because his father abandoned him as a youngster, Dhiraj is cruel and insulting to him. In any event, they’re both going in the same direction. Daya talks about his life experiences with his son, who finds them unsettling and itchy.

The police team begins searching for Daya Lama as soon as the missing person’s investigation is initiated. DSP Rakshya (Deeya Pun) is in charge of the inquiry, together with Hari Das (Avon Raj Upreti) and Ratna (Krishna Shrestha). Rakshya makes a visit to Daya’s wife, Smarika (Reshma Ghimire), who becomes a crucial suspect after a chance meeting. Rakshya’s team faces a number of challenges as the inquiry proceeds, both from the standpoint of the police chief and the broader public.

Antim Sanskar Movie Cast & Performance:

Deeya Pun (Rakshya) is a DSP police officer who is interested in looking into the missing person issue. Because her prior records in solving crimes were superb, but her personal image was not, the police chief is always questioning her, which is itchy and uncomfortable. In the film, Deeya is an aggressive and harsh police officer who works with pride, but the system is a shambles. Her performance in this picture is markedly different from her previous work. She has pushed her shocks to depict the persona. Good work.

antim sanskar movie 2023

Trichu Rai (Dhiraj) is the film’s important person who drives the story. Trichu is a heroin addict who is on his way to fulfill his last rites in the film. Mr. Trichu worked really hard on the film, but his performance still has to be improved. We expect him to provide a good performance in his upcoming projects.

Vijay Lama (Daya) is considered as a visionary who has succeeded professionally but failed as a father. Vijay’s performance in the film is excellent. His character, like a film, gives meaning to life by being optimistic and colorful. Work that is enjoyable.

Avon Raj Upreti (Hari Das) is presented as a police officer who, because to a corrupt system, was unable to become a flawless cop. His flirty and engaging conversation makes the audience laugh and cry. In the film Antim Sanskar, Avon played a cop excellently.

The best sequence in the film Krishna Shrestha (Ratna) is Antim Sanskar, who gets increasingly hilarious and engaging as the story unfolds. This gentleman and his act make you laugh as he approaches the screen and delivers the statement. Outstanding effort.

Direction & Story Telling:

Pradeep Shahi, the writer, and director, has worked relentlessly to give Nepalese fans an unique mystery picture. However, this work of art still needs a deeper character journey, as well as a stronger plot and scenes. The director establishes the scenario, but as the picture develops, the viewer anticipates the narrative’s content, which is inadequate. We hope Mr. Shahi’s attempts to develop a more captivating picture for viewers.

Movie Verdict:

The film strives to depict a distinct culture of death rites, which is amazing. If you prefer murder mystery dramas, you might enjoy this film. Antim Sanskar would appeal to fans of Deeya Pun and Krishna Shrestha.

Antim Sanskar Movie Rating: ⭐⭐ / 5


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