Babari (2079) Movie Trailer | A Triangular Love Tale | Dhiraj Magar | Aditi Budhathoki

The trailer for Babari, a romantic drama film, has been released on the official YouTube channel Kendra Motion Pictures. The film’s trailer depicts Dhiraj Magar, Aditi Budhathoki, and Dhiraj Nadkar’s triangular love tale. Babari is nearly ready for marriage, but she refuses to marry the guy her family has chosen for her because she is in love with Raja (Dhiraj Magar).

babari dhiraj magar

Surendra Poudel is partnering with Aditi Budhathoki again through this film, a bright picture, following Kri. The odd love tale of a local high-class raggy lad and a high-class politically connected family girl is depicted in this romantic movie. Key characters in the film include Dhiraj Magar, Aditi Budhathoki, Dhiraj Nadkar, Kamal Mani Nepal, Badal Bhatta, Urmila Basnet, and Dhurba Koirala. The picture was captured in Nepal and Darjeeling – Sikkim, and it is stunning. This movie will be released in theaters on September 30, 2022.

Watch Babari Movie Trailer:


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