Bipin Karki casted in Lal Mohan Ji

Lal Mohan Ji

The nepali film ‘Lal Mohan Ji’ has been announced, directed by Samrat Basnet. Bipin Karki and Arpan Thapa will play the leading characters in the film. Along with Bipin and Arpan, the film will include Karma Shakya, Rohit Rumba, Rabindra Jha, Sushma Karki, and Subhash Mechel.

lal mohan ji bipin karki
Aakash Baral has written the narrative storylines for the Lal Mohan Ji film based on Prabesh Poudel’s story. Santosh Raj will be composing the music, Raju Tamang will direct the action, and Kabiraj Gahatraj will choreograph the dance sequences. The entire movie team is planning to start filming in Nepal, India, Canada, Australia, etc. in early 2078.


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