Chapali Height 3 | Trailer

Chapali Height 3 | Nepali Movie Trailer | Swastima Khadka | Amir Gautam | Arpan Thapa | Supuspa Bhatt | Mahesh Tripathi

Swastima Khadka starring movie Chapali Height 3 released its official trailer. The trailer is full of thrillers and suspenseful scenes. The story is based on cold crime-mystery events and filled with deadly dialogues and actions. The movie features Swastima Khadka in lead and is supported by Amir Gautam, Arpan Thapa, Supuspa Bhatt, Mahesh Tripathi & Pratik Man Shrestha actors/actresses.

Chapali Height 3 movie is written by Akash Baral, directed by Nikes Khadka, and produced under Arjun Kumar Films. You can enjoy the movie in the theater on 14 January, 2022.

Watch Trailer Here:


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