Chhadke 2 (2023) Movie Review: Revenge Call

Chhadke 2 is a gangster film that tells the story of the conflict between the Green Gang and the Royal Manang Gang. The Green Gang is led by Anmok KC, while the Royal Manag Gang is led by Nigam Shrestha. The picture has several chances to deepen and communicate a beautiful tale, yet it falls short.

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Chhadke 2 Movie Story:

Mendog (Anmol KC) fled Manang as a youngster after his parents were pillaged and slaughtered by the Royal Manang Gang. He had no choice but to flee to a more secure location. He travels from Manang to Chitwan. Natraj (Kamal Mani Nepal) takes Mendog with him and enrolls him in school when he is alone and aimless. Natraj was involved in illegal operations, and as one could anticipate, he drags Mendog along with him. Mendog is fantastic because he handles everything properly and has no fear of anything.

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Mendog gets expelled once the school administration learns about his misbehavior. He is now entirely consumed by all illicit enterprises, murder, and anything else that comes his way. When Natraj acquires the finest weapon, Mendog, to assist him with every arduous task along the journey, he feels blessed by God. Similarly, because Natraj is in command, the Green Gang rules over the entire Chitwan.

Everything was regular until the Green Gang kidnapped Yarsagumba from the Royal Manang Gang’s warriors. The Gang’s commanders, Samten and Khajuri, were unable to settle after watching all of this. During Natraj’s project’s opening ceremony, Manang Gang clashes with Green Gang, and Khajuri kidnaps Mendog’s girlfriend Yanki during the violence. Khajuri’s actions lay the framework for a vengeance story.

Chhadke 2 Movie Cast & Performance:

Anmol KC (Mendog) is the fierce and violent captain of the Green gang. Natraj, who is also his godfather, adopts Mendog when his parents die. Mendog eagerly accepts and expertly analyses the works. He doesn’t look about or back to consider everything that comes their way; he just smashes it.

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Anmol gave his all in terms of performance. His acting has improved, yet the role lacks character arc and growth. He is the group’s leader, but his vision and purpose should have been elaborated to help build the tale. The film’s bad presentation dulls Anmol’s disposition in Chadke 2.

Kamal Mani Nepal (Natraj), the Green Gang’s godfather/powerhouse, is entirely committed to larger initiatives, legal or criminal. He cares solely about power and money, and he believes that money equals power. He will go to any extent to gain power so that his unlawful activities would not be discovered. Kamal Mani Nepal was fantastic in the role. He is only the captain of the squad; the rest is up to the gang. He becomes involved in politics to balance his career and personal lives. Mr. Nepal has done an excellent job in the roles that have been assigned to him.

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Resha Ale Magar (Yanki) works as an engineer and a Chhadke 2 bar dancer. Yanki plays Mendog’s love interest in the film. Yanki and Mendog meet in a nightclub and immediately fall in love. They begin dating and eventually fall in love. Resha performed admirably against Anmol KC, and we want to see her develop in future films.

Direction & Story Telling:

Chhadke 2 might be a terrific year-end film if the stories and characters are well-developed. The video depicts several gangs, but the filmmaker, Nigam Shrestha, fails to adequately portray them to the audience. The discussion is repeated several times, which makes it difficult for the audience to stay involved with the film. The action scenes aren’t particularly well-crafted, which detracts from the story components of the gangster flick. We hope that director Nigam Shrestha would address these issues in his future projects and develop wonderful films for Nepalese consumers.

Chhadke 2 Movie Rating: ⭐⭐ / 5

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