Chi Musi Chi – Even Dead Desire Belonging (2023) Movie Trailer: Priyanka Karki | Reecha Sharrma | Benisha Hamal | Ayushman DS Joshi

The scary horror trailer for Chi Musi Chi – Even Dead Desire Belonging is now available. The multi-starrer picture has terrifying horror moments depicting how the deceased kid is affecting the rest of the community to torment.

chi musi chi movie priyanka

In the trailer, Priyanka Karki and Reecha Sharma have recently been plagued by a little dead girl, and that terror is affecting their way of life. The slain kid is playing with Reecha’s son, on whom the girl may wish to exact vengeance. According to superstitious beliefs, someone slaughtered the infant and worshiped god in order to get a newborn boy. That wish is now a negative wish they had.

chi musi chi reecha sharma

The playing trailer showcases Priyanka Karki, Reecha Sharma, Benisha Hamal, Ayushman DS Joshi, Rabindra Jha, Rajan Khatiwada, Gaurav Bista, Arun Chakraborty & RP Pokhrel in crucial characters. Chi Musi Chi movie will be released in cinemas on 13th January 2023.

Watch Chi Musi Chi Movie Trailer:


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