Chiso Ashtray (2022) Movie Review: Fresh Touch

Chiso Ashtray marks Divya Dev’s feature film debut, the picture is based on Bhupi Sherchan’s poem “Chiso Ashtray”. In his debut movie, he performed outstandingly by genuinely becoming the character, Madan.

chiso ashtray 2022 movie review

Chiso Ashtray Movie Story

Madan (Divya Dev) recently came to Kathmandu from a remote hamlet to pursue his dreams. He strives to appreciate and live his best life as a newcomer to the city. One night, by chance, he meets Bobby Dai (Robin Tamang), his mentor, which modifies his life.

Madan borrows Bobby Dai’s car and uses it as a ride-sharing platform after meeting him. He earns enough money as a cab driver to meet his basic necessities. He meets two people, Salinta (Shristi Shrestha) and Rony (Nikun Shrestha), who entirely transform his life from that of an innocent average guy to that of a funky contemporary man.

chiso ashtray 2022 movie shristi shrestha

Salinta manages a social cafe and works on sustainability projects in her spare time. Salinta and Madan like spending time together since they have a strong bond. Madan has a crush on Salinta because she is the most beautiful and decent woman he has ever met.

Rony is a singer who is presently writing a new song. He has a strong musical sense, but he struggles to keep solid lyrics. His job is delayed as a result, but Madan assists him. Rony introduces Jacky (Nabin Lamsal), with whom he wants to collaborate on a music video. When three friends begin working on this project, their lives are made more difficult by the presence of local thugs.

Chiso Ashtray Movie Cast & Performance

Divya Dev has done fantastic work in his debut movie Chiso Ashtray. In the film, he portrays a fresh and innocent guy who is pleasant to enjoy in the theater. He even narrates the story from his perspective, which is delightful as it contains good dialogue. Good performance.

Nikun Shrestha is an aspiring singer. He has a nice appearance, as well as a strong sense of fashion and music, and he perfectly fulfills his character. The nicest moment is when he urges his pals to support him and wishes them success. His depiction of the character conveys a sense of optimism and joy. Outstanding performance.

chiso ashtray 2022 movie divya dev

In the film Chiso Ashtray, Nabin Lamsal plays a strange figure. He has a tough and jackass persona. He is a fierce¬†figure in the movie, and he flows with the character as the situation needs. It’s incredible to watch him take on any challenge with his anti-people. Excellent performance.

Sushil Raj Pandey is another excellent character in the film who gives an outstanding performance. A badass figure whose attire and demeanor destroy the entire area. He has thoroughly justified the persona as a local goon. His peculiar eyes and catching the scene without conversation create insane tension in the screen time and the character’s existence. What a fantastic performance.

chiso ashtray 2022 movie cast

Shristi Shrestha’s demeanor is one of serenity and relaxation. In the film, we believe she has to work on her dialogue delivery a bit more – this demands performance enhancement. We wish her the best of luck in her future ventures. Great effort.

Direction & Story Telling

Dins Palpali, the writer/director, has made a remarkable attempt to develop a quality picture for Nepali people. The movie’s screenplay is brilliantly coordinated, but we expect the tale to be improvised little. The director has done an excellent job of presenting the finest from every aspect of production. The cinematography in the movie Chiso Ashtray is one of its strongest points. Ujjal Bastakoti, the cinematographer, did an excellent job. The music and songs are also a crucial component of the story. Overall, the filmmakers made an admirable effort.


Chiso Ashtray Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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