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The much-anticipated trailer for the Nepali film Chiso Ashtray, starring Shristi Shrestha, has been released, providing a look into the life of a newly arrived rural man in Kathmandu. The three-minute teaser depicts the captivating story of three struggling mates who dream of a lovely life and fame in the capital.

Dins Palpali, the film’s writer-director, indicated that the film was inspired by Bhupi Sherchan’s poem ‘Chiso Ashtray’. As the director described, the dramatic action-filled trailer seems chilling and promising. The film’s director attempts to show Nepalese audiences how the ambitions and hopes of individuals who come to the city from the rural are snuffed like an ashtray cigarette.

Mahesh babu Timalsina, the producer/filmmaker, indicated that he was interested in filmmaking because he wanted to create films that resonates with him. Mr. Timalsina states that while watching a Nepali movie, he notices that something is lacking, but that is what empowered him to eliminate such flaws and difficulties in his storytelling. I’m not going to claim that the ‘Chiso Ashtray’ picture is without defects. Yet, he made this film with the hope, that it will not be forgotten.

The film’s main actor, Divya Dev, shared an unusual narrative about the film’s creation, stating that he portrayed the part of Madan from the countryside to the city. Madan appears to be a loving and cheerful person who strives to live a fulfilled living via courage and hard effort. Madan chooses a taxi driving job to continue his life in the city. To generate money in Kathmandu, he becomes a driver and transports passengers from one location to another. After all of this, he frequently celebrates with his pals in a club or pub.

In the film, Shristi Shrestha plays the role of Shalinta. She remarked that she observed a change in her temperament while working on the movie. In the film, Sristi plays an installation artist. Shalinta is laser-focused on her goals and objectives, and she spends the bulk of her time striving to achieve them. She also encourages his coworkers and friends to showcase the butterfly art in fresh and modern ways. Aside from her employment, she spends her free time with Madan. Shalinta and Madan become excellent friends; will their friendship go further, than just the friends?

Sushil Pandey, Navin Lamsal, and Nikun Shrestha, among others, spoke about their wonderful experiences working on the film. Nikun Shrestha claimed that he is returning to the film after seven years and would be seen as a Download Street local. In the trailer, Nikun is an aspiring singer who wants to present an outstanding song to the world and set a record for the year. Sushil’s position, on the other hand, appears lethal and haughty, with malicious intentions. He takes advantage of the youth and puts them in perilous circumstances. Madan and his buddies become entangled in these deceptive intents and hope for great luck in order to solve the difficulties.

Dins Palpali directs the film, which stars Divya Dev, Shrishti Shrestha, Sushil Pandey, Nikun Shrestha, Navin Lamsal, and Rabin Tamang. Maheshbabu Timalsina presents the film, which was co-produced by Kangaroo Creation and Local Cinema. Praveen Sangba and Sushmita Parajuli aided Mahesh Babu with the building. The film is being shot by Ujjwal Bastakoti and edited by Ujjwal Dhakal. The Movie is releasing on 18th March 2022.

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