Chiso Maanchhe (2079) Trailer | Swastima Khadka | Arpan Thapa

Dipendra K. Khanal, a Nepali film director/writer, has consistently captivated viewers with his fantastic storytelling concepts. With his outstanding accomplishments such as Pashupati Prasad, Aama, Jhole, and others. Dipendra K. Khanal’s latest directorial endeavor, Chiso Maanchhe, is a breath of new air.

Chiso Maanchhe centers around the life story of a poor village woman and her husband’s dead body. The woman has no recollection of her husband’s face because he abandoned her to work in the Gulf countries during her adolescence, shortly after their marriage. This is why she has no affection for her spouse or her family. She sacrificed her life and goals in order to provide support for her family and in-laws in the village.

Watch Chiso Maanchhe Movie Trailer:

The trailer features actresses Swasti Khadka, Deshbhakta Khanal, and Arpan Thapa. Swastima has taken on the persona of a young woman from a distant highland region. Sharmila Pandey is the film’s producer under the umbrella of DS Digital. The film’s story, storyline, and dialogues were written by director Khanal. The Chiso Maanchhee film will be released in theaters on June 17, 2022.

chiso maanchhe movie trailer


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