Chitra (2024) Movie Review: Dad & Daughter Bonding

The movie Chitra is a great attempt to depict an affectionate relationship between a father and his daughter. Santosh Adhikari makes a stunning movie debut with the title role.

chitra movie 2024

Chitra Movie Story

Avi (Santosh Adhikari) and Chitra (Simran Khadka) live in a rural village, abandoning their history. Mr. Avi, an army officer, leaves everything behind to begin a new life with his daughter. In the film, he plays an honest and devoted man who believes in performing a decent job for his community. And, most significantly, he loves his daughter Chitra.

chitra movie 2024 review

Avi highlights the positive aspects of his work as an army soldier. He gets up early in the morning, exercises with her kid, and continues his daily routine. Chitra misses her mother sometimes because there are just two people in the house, the father and daughter. Despite this, her father never made her feel alone or incomplete in any element of her life.

Chitra will not accept injustice toward anybody. She has a difficult relationship with one of her classmates, Rudra. Both are always bickering and arguing with one another. Later in adulthood, the same influence and circumstances continue to affect Chitra’s profession and life, making her path perplexing and painful.

Chitra Movie Cast & Performance

Santosh Adhikari has made an admirable attempt to provide an interesting performance in the film Chitra. He is shown playing the role of a father who is constantly present for his daughter. As a parent, he gives an outstanding performance through his efforts to care for his daughter, do all of her home tasks like a mother, and protect her from bullies. Overall, Mr. Santosh’s performance is strong, although his dialogue delivery and ability to maintain effective action scenes might be improved.

chitra movie 2024 Santosh Adhikari

The film Chitra has Simran Khadka as the leading lady. She did an excellent job of bringing the character to life in the picture. She is regarded as Santosh Adhikari’s devoted daughter, and the two of them have a wonderful relationship. She is both attractive and gorgeous in nature. Fans will enjoy her performance since it is simply lovely to watch. Good work!

Pramod Agrahari plays a cruel role in the film. His start in the movie is exhilarating, but the character arc might be improved a bit more to fully comprehend the power shot performance. He is mostly seen in action situations, but it would be nice if his performance could be extended because he delivers a solid performance.

Subeksha Khadka has done outstanding work in the film. She is regarded as a teacher and mentor to Simran Khadka. Aside from teaching, the movie depicts the love side of Santosh Adhikari and Subeksha Khadka, which is enjoyable to see. She gets little dialogue, but her killer smile delights the audience whenever she appears in the film. Overall, she had a stunning performance in the Chitra film.

chitra movie 2024 Subeksha Khadka

Menuka Pradhan has delivered another outstanding performance in the film. She is portrayed as Santosh Adhikari’s wife, with whom she has a strained relationship owing to disagreements. Menuka’s performances in the film were fantastic. Audiences will enjoy her performance as she brings the character to life.

Chitra Movie Cast: Santosh Adhikari, Subeksha Khadka, Arpan Thapa, Pramod Agrahari, Menuka Pradhan, Simran Khadka, Aayushi Dhakal, Prakash Ghimire, Kumar Gurung, Anjana Baraili, Kapil Sharma, Binod Poudel, Ujjwal Dhakal, & Dipesh Gajurel.

Direction & Story Telling

The filmmaker, Ghanashyam Lamichhane, has made every effort to showcase the Chitra film, which depicts a loving relationship between a father and his daughter. The maker’s work is remarkable in most facets of narrative, including good actors and performances, images, and background music. However, it would be ideal if the film’s enemy were portrayed in a stronger phase. This film exemplifies the butterfly effect, in which a minor cause has a significant impact on the protagonist’s life. If you appreciate family drama films, Chitra could be a nice choice for you.

Movie Verdict

Chitra is a commendable attempt by the filmmakers to offer a beautiful family film. A multi-starrer film tells the story of a father and daughter in a unique way. In his debut film, Santosh Adhikari worked really hard to establish a strong screen presence. Furthermore, the film’s whole ensemble delivers an excellent performance. You’ll like the movie Chitra¬†at the theater.


Chitra Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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