Chulbul Chulbul (2079) | Babari Movie Song | Sujan Chapagain | Dhiraj Magar | Aditi Budhathoki

The Nepali movie song ‘Chulbul Chulbul’ from the film Babari, starring Aditi Budhathoki and Dhiraj Magar, has been made available on the official YouTube channel Kendra Motion Pictures. Sujan Chapagain composed the featured song, while Rabindra Lamichhane wrote the lyrics. The music appears to be funky and enjoyable to rock and roll on the dance floor.

chulbul chulbul babari movie song

Sujan Chapagain and Sunita Thegim, two outstanding vocalists, have brought soulful voices to the created music. And, here’s something worth noting: the dance choreography by Bikram Lama and Angela Khatri is excellent. The music composers, choreographers, and performers did an excellent job in arranging the buzzing atmosphere.

Watch Chulbul Chulbul Babari Movie Song:


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