Daanvi (2024) Movie Review: Ecstatic Action Charge

Daanvi is a romantic action drama that chronicles the narrative of romance and retaliation Pooja Sharma has returned in an entirely novel kind of action persona, which is fantastic.

daanvi movie 2024

Daanvi Movie Story

Daanvi (Pooja Sharma) currently lives in Kathmandu with his brother, Kalu Rana. Kalu discovered Daanvi in a slum street while fleeing the police gang. Even though they were not biologically related, they developed a strong kinship like brothers and sisters over time. When they are in need, both provide excellent support for one another. Most significantly, Daanvi respects her older brother beyond everything else.

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Saranksh (Kunsang Bomjan) and Srishak (Kiran Shrestha) are colleagues in the Nepali police force and close friends. They have resolved several criminal cases with numerous complexities and difficulties. They share a strong relationship and support one another no matter what. The impossibility has been made achievable by their perseverance and commitment. The finest thing is that they serve as a shining example for the police force.

daanvi nepali movie 2024

Deeply in love, Srishak and Daanvi are celebrating their romantic world. They are both getting married shortly. Despite having a good friendship with Srishak, Saranksh never gets to meet Daanvi in person. One day, Saranksh orchestrates a criminal incident that puts him in danger of death and further complicates their lives.

Daanvi Movie Cast & Performance

Pooja Sharma may be seen as Daanvi. Overall, Daanvi is a powerful and assertive figure. She looks like the goddess of destruction Kali’s avatar. She fights fearlessly for what is right and what she values most. She fights for real love since she believes in its power in the critical world.

daanvi movie pooja sharma

In the film Daanvi, Pooja Sharma plays a brand-new, badass role. She has worked as a romantic figure in the past, but this time she is putting up a different and novel front. We adore Pooja’s efforts to uphold her new persona, particularly during action scenes. We would love to see her in more of an action drama with the theme of woman empowerment that would pull the larger masses.

Kunsang Bomjan’s film Daanvi marked his debut in Nepal’s film industry. Mr. Kunsang plays the film’s main role, Saranksh, an active and dedicated Nepali police officer. When it comes to resolving criminal records, Saranksh keeps everything in order. He refuses to back down, even if it means sacrificing his blood.

daanvi movie Kunsang Bomjan

Kunsang Bomjan, a newcomer, has shared his romantic and action persona with Nepali fans. He did a wonderful job in his debut film. However, he still has to work on his dialogue delivery and acting talents, which we feel he will master in his future endeavors. We wish him all the best with his upcoming ventures.

Kiran Shrestha plays another important character, Srishak, in the film. Srishak is Daanvi’s love interest, and the two have a great relationship. They are dedicated to each other and are going to marry soon. Professionally, Srishank is the top team member in the Nepal police force, with a record-breaking performance in cleaning out criminals in the city.

daanvi movie kiran shrestha

Kiran Shrestha has done his parts beautifully. His dialogues and performance bring a thrilling zill to the cinema hall. As a viewer, we expect a bit more of the romantic sequences between Kiran Shrestha and Pooja Sharma along with wilder action packages. Overall, Kiran’s performance is commendable in the movie.

Daanvi Movie Cast: Pooja Sharma, Kunsang Bomjan, Monalisa Khatiwada, Rajram Paudel, Kalu Rana, Kiran Shrestha, Sita Tamang, Anil Rai, Binita Pradhan, Bakti Rai, Pranshan Chhettri, Bishal Pahadi, Ram Pariwar, Nagew Dungol, Satye Narayan Tharu, Dipak Thapa, & Anita Giri.

Direction & Story Telling

Sanjog Kunwar Rana wrote the script for the film Daanvi, which was directed by Rupesh Tamang. The filmmaker’s endeavor to create an action picture with a female protagonist, starring Pooja Sharma and two newcomers, Kunsang Bomjan and Kiran Shrestha, is praiseworthy. The finest part of the film is Shailendra Pradhan’s background soundtrack, which adds a distinct vitality to the theater. Shree Shrestha’s action sequences create an exciting theatrical experience.

daanvi movie review 2024

As part of the enhancement process, the creators must work on developing a stronger character arc for each character included in the film. In the framework of narrative writing, plots, and subplots can be improvised if the writing does not disrupt the flow of the story. The twists and turns are expertly crafted, yet the narrative sometimes falls short. We hope creators will improve in their next ventures. Best wishes.

Movie Verdict

Daanvi is a decent attempt by filmmaker Rupesh Tamang to show Pooja Sharma in a never-before-seen action role. Kunsang Bomjan’s debut film and Pooja’s action-packed performance kept people engaged in the theater. If you prefer female-led action films, you may like this one, Daanvi.


Daanvi Movie Rating: ⭐⭐/ 5


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