Desan (2022) Movie Trailer: Complicated Husband Wife Issues | Namrata Sapkota | Bhola Sapkota | Nishan Chauhan | Punam Thapa

Desan depicts the marital principles of a wife and husband who struggle to preserve and nurture their relationship. When the couple’s problems aren’t resolved, they start another relationship, which destroys their home, family, and everything.

desan movie casts

Namrata Sapkota and Bhola Sapkota are a couple in the trailer who are unhappy with their relationship. Namrata wants to be separated from Bhola, while Bhola wants to work on their troubles. Namrata’s decision takes a drastic turn when she leaves Bhola to pursue Nishan Chauhan, who is already married to Punam Thapa. Because Nishan is dissatisfied with her wife’s decision, Namrata and Nishan remain together.

Performing Art Creation presents the film, which is directed by Kamal Ekchai Magar. Namrata Sapkota, Bhola Sapkota, Nishan Chauhan, Punam Thapa, Kabita Ale, Shambhu Thapa, Kshitiz Subedi, Aarush Jung Saru, Malaika Basnet, Pramisa Saru, and Kamala Rana play important parts in the film. Desan will be released in theaters on December 9, 2022.

Watch Desan Movie Trailer:


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