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Dokh – The foul play depicts the community’s quarrel and battle for the communal forest during the Maoist people’s war. Anup Baral, the director/actor, is noted for experimenting with political and social dramas in his films. The presented film was filmed seven years ago, and the producers are now excited to release the film in theaters.

Watch Dokh Movie Teaser:

The trailer depicts the sadness of a father who lost his son in the Maoist struggle, and when he sees the army, he compares them to government street dogs. The relationship between the government and the locals may not sound exciting; nonetheless, this may be the film’s main conflict.

Diya Maskey, Manish Niraula, Lokmani Sapkota, Maotse Gurung, Roy Dibh, Kamal Devkota, Suraj Malla, and Sajan Thapa Magar feature in the film. The film’s cinematographer is Shailendra D Karki, while the editor is Nimesh Shrestha. The film will be released in theaters on July 8, 2022.

dokh anup baral


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