Ek Bhagavad Gita (2023) Movie Trailer: Bipin Karki Looks Epic & Fierce | Suhana Thapa | Dhiraj Magar | Kabir Khadka | Jharana Thapa

Ek Bhagavad Gita movie brings another epic character of Bipin Karki i.e. Kamalamai. The movie centers around a common war between Kamalamai v/s the society.

Ek Bhagavad Gita Bipin Karki

Even in current times, many do not accept a person’s genuine sexuality. The trailer emphasizes how people are evaluated depending on their gender. Because of people’s terrible attitude, if you aren’t born straight male/female gender – by birth gay/lesbian/trans or anything other – you aren’t welcomed in society.

The movie’s impression is set by the unique and fresh appearance of Bipin Karki, who is playing a transgender character in the film. In the previous film, Jharana Thapa, writer/director, gives a touch to the unusual topic of human sexuality and behavior. Ek Bhagavad Gita features Bipin Karki, Suhana Thapa, Dhiraj Magar, Jvis & Jvin Shrestha, Kabir Khadka, Sanjog Rasaili, Anurag Kunwar, Rear Rai, Ayushman Thakur, Dheeraj Thakur, Madan Thakur, Ansuman Thakur, Ram Kailash Thakur, Surendra Ray, Ganga Kant Jha, Bablu Raut, Pranshat Mahra, Puja Passman Janakpur Bali, Mukesh Jha, Suresh Shah, and Keshav Chhetri. The movie is releasing on 15 September 2023 in cinemas near you.

Watch Ek Bhagavad Gita Movie Trailer:


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