Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita (2023) Movie Review: Unique Art

Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita movie explores the tale of unheard transgenders who are not acknowledged by society and its people. Bipin Karki’s avatar and performance steal the show.

Ek Bhagavad Gita Bipin Karki

Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita Movie Story:

Although society appears to have evolved in current times, people’s mindsets remain archaic and traditional regarding treating everyone equally. Similarly, the film Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita depicts the hardships and issues that transgender people confront in Nepalese culture. Kamala Mai (Bipin Karki) leads and cares for transgender people in Janakpur. Individuals come to Kamala’s residence or ask her to visit their homes to seek blessings since society believes that if trans persons bless them, they will be rewarded with good fortune and abundance. However, once blessed, transgender people are not treated appropriately. What a messy feeling.

Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita Movie Cast:

As Kamala Mai, Bipin Karki is seen as a distinct and refreshing persona. Bipin is portraying a transsexual character, and he does it effortlessly. In the film, Bipin appears as the people’s defender when the locals refuse to recognize trans persons as normal human beings. Mr. Karki is adored in the role of Kamala Mai for his appearances, quirky dialogue, and performance. Good job.

Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita Jvis & Jvin Shrestha

Jvis & Jvin Shrestha (Bhagavad) is portrayed as a kid artist, and the entire film revolves around this figure. This character comes from an elite lineage, and men are acknowledged as emperors in an elite class in Terai. However, Jvis and Jvin Shrestha are seen playing the roles of a transgender youngster. The performance is pretty exceptional for a little artist and captures the audience’s heart. Excellent work!

Suhana Thapa (Gita) is a laid-back character in this movie Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita. She enjoys wielding the bow and arrow, sketching, and spending time exploring the Janakpur area. Suhana has done her best to portray the character, but as an audience, we want a little more from her performance. Since she is surrounded by transgender individuals, she appreciates all sexualities equally and encourages others to do the same. Nice job!

Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita movie cast

Dhiraj Magar plays a logistics driver who transports goods from the city to the countryside. Dhiraj gets a lesser screen time, but he makes the most of it. Some of the creative scenes between Dhiraj and Suhana are breathtakingly gorgeous. As viewers, we anticipate Dhiraj and Suhana to spend more time in the romantic zone since they look great as a new couple. Nice performance.

Kabir Khadka is portrayed as Bhagavad’s elder brother who feels abandoned once his father marries his second wife. As an antagonist, Kabir is filled with hatred and rage; he often considers murdering his younger brother. Mr. Khadka’s violent and cruel demeanor is interesting to see because he does it so well. In the film, this man receives no affection from anybody, even his family, which causes him to despise his family and society. Overall, Kabir did an excellent job in the film.

Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita kabir khadka

Rear Rai excels at all he does in the film. In the film Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita, he appears as a humorous figure. He spends most of his screen time with Suhana, whom he falls in love with at first sight. His dialogue delivery and body movement consistently make the audience chuckle. What an incredible performance. Excellent work!

Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita Movie Cast: Bipin Karki, Suhana Thapa, Dhiraj Magar, Jvis & Jvin Shrestha, Kabir Khadka, Sanjog Rasaili, Anurag Kunwar, Rear Rai, Ayushman Thakur, Dheeraj Thakur, Madan Thakur, Ansuman Thakur, Ram Kailash Thakur, Surendra Ray, Ganga Kant Jha, Bablu Raut, Pranshat Mahra, Puja Pasman Janakpur Bali, Mukesh Jha, Suresh Sha, and Keshav Chhetri.

Direction & Story Telling:

Jharana Thapa, the film’s writer/director, has presented a unique theme in the framework of Nepalese filmmaking. The filmmaker attempts to provide beautiful and colorful cinema to the public but struggles to captivate the audience throughout. We as an audience suffer from a lack of character development and storytelling. As we all know, she enjoys telling love stories. In Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita, audiences want more screen time for Dhiraj Magar and Suhana Thapa, but they don’t get it. The outfit design by Manis Rai is lovely. The film’s cinematography is likewise excellent. Overall, the film is enjoyable, but there is room for growth in terms of character development, narrative arcs, and storytelling. We hope Jharana Thapa will bring more beautiful movies and best wishes for that.

Movie Verdict:

First and foremost, simply appreciate Jharana Thapa and the entire film team for providing such a lovely theme. Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita delves into the world of transsexual persons and demonstrates how hard it is for them. The filmmaker expresses empathy rather than sympathy and invites everyone to appreciate each other as individuals. Bipin Karki’s distinct persona, as well as Dhiraj and Suhana’s connection as lovers, are fascinating to explore. Overall, the film is enjoyable.

Ek Bhagavad Ra Ek Gita Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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