Fulbari (2023) Movie Teaser: A Bundle Full Of Emotions | Bipin Karki | Aruna Karki | Dayahang Rai | Gaumaya Gurung

The Fulbari movie teaser creates a bundle full of emotions and family togetherness. Ram Babu Gurung, who is fascinated in crafting humorous social dramas, has created a new film that highlights essential pieces of drama inside a family. Perhaps the filmmaker is attempting to depict the family or society as a Fulbari metaphorically.

fulbari movie bipin karki

The film’s main attraction is Bipin Karki, who appears in a new role as a family guy with a compassionate heart. His dialogue and expressions keep you interested in the movie teaser. This film also stars Aruna Karki, Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki, Gaumaya Gurung, and Shilpa Maskey in addition to Bipin. Fulbari is scheduled to be released on February 17th, 2023.

Watch Fulbari Movie Teaser:


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