Ghanachakkar (2079) Trailer | Saugat Malla | Salon Basnet

The official trailer for the film Ghanachakkar, starring Saugat Malla and Salon Basnet, has been published. The trailer provided depicts a combination of love and political problems, bringing turmoil to young. Saugat and Salon, two friends, are arguing over a lady with whom they want to marry. Apart from all of these love encounters, they were heavily impacted by monetary considerations.

Watch Ghanachakkar Movie Trailer:

Saroj Khanal, Kasmira Lama, Shishir Bhandari, Ashant Sharma, Ishwari Khadka, Krishna Bhakta Maharjan, Ghanshyam Joshi, Prabhan Bhushal, Janak Ghartimagar, and Damodar Poudal also appear in the film. Karuna Aryal and Sangam Bhatt have invested in Hari Bhatt Suryanath’s comedy-crime genre film. The film is directed by Jitendra Rajopadhyay and produced by Bhatt & Sons Productions. Ghanachakkar movie is releasing on 24 June 2022 in cinemas near you.

ghanachakkar movie trailer 2079


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