Gurkha: Beneath The Bravery (2079) Trailer | British – Gurkha First World War | Gaumaya Gurung | Samir Gurung

The makers of Gurkha: Beneath The Bravery have released the official trailer of the movie. The trailer emphasizes the dread and bravery of the soldiers during World War I. There was fighting between the Gurkhas and the British forces in the battle zone. During those ancient times, the British invented the gun as a weapon of battle, but Nepalese troops fought with Khukuri in their hands.

gurkha trailer

War does not ensure that the soldier will come home alive, therefore armies fight back by remembering their family and loved ones throughout the battle. Pradeep Shahi directed and wrote the film Gurkha. Stuart Walker, Gaumaya Gurung, Samir Gurung, Agostino Oberhofer, Rajan Gurung, Surya Gurung, and Olly Bassi play pivotal parts in this film. On September 9, 2022, the film will be released in theaters.

Watch Gurkha: Beneath The Bravery Movie Trailer:


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