Halkara (2023) Movie Teaser: Life Hits Hard When Nothing Goes Well | Mahesh Tripathi | Bikram Sapkota | Chintan Rajbhandari

Halkara tells the story of a typical villager who goes overseas to work. When he believes his nation is far preferable than others, all he can do is hope to repair all he left behind.

halkara movie teaser

On the teaser, Mahesh Tripathi is seen leading and delivering impassioned monologues that depict a blank letter that he wishes to convey to his wife with all of his sentiments and emotions. His voice is broken, and he’s depressed because he doesn’t know what to do with his life. His wife is waiting for him at home, and she isn’t thrilled about being separated from her love.

halkara movie cast

The film Halkara is given to Nepalese viewers by Kalipaar Studios in collaboration with Icefall Productions. Bikram Sapkota wrote and directed this film. The filmmakers have given their all in every facet of filmmaking, including cinematography, background music, and performances. Halkara will be released in theaters on May 12, 2023.

Watch Halkara Movie Teaser:


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