Hattichhap (2024) Movie Review: Entertaining Flick

The movie Hattichhap is a comedy-drama directed by Simosh Sunuwar. In the picture, Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, and Upasana Singh Thakuri have done amazing work.

hattichhap movie 2024

Hattichhap Movie Story

Ambare (Dayahang Rai) is actively supporting his closest friend’s political career in the local community. Chal Bahadur (Bijay Baral) wins the local election and relocates to Kathmandu for the foreseeable future. Following that, Mr. Chal does not return to assist or care for the village. When a problem emerges, Ambare becomes the focal point for all political imbalances and their consequences.

hattichhap movie 2024 upasana singh thakuri

Laxmi (Upasana Singh Thakuri) is a local community teacher who works hard to deliver quality education to the village’s children. She spends much of her personal time with her partner, Ambare. She is completely blind in love with her boyfriend and doesn’t want anyone in her life. Both Laxmi and Ambare are caring and loving people who never give up when they set their minds to anything.

One day, an earthquake strikes the village, killing two of Ambare’s closest friends. Both victims were homeless and without adequate financial resources. In conclusion, Ambare bears all of the blame because his friend who won the election does not support the community welfare legislation. Hearing all of the hate and stinging words from the community, he travels to Kathmandu in quest of his buddy, Mr. Chal Bahadur, abandoning his love and home behind.

Hattichhap Movie Cast & Performance

Dayahang Rai plays the character Ambare, who advocates for the well-being of his village even when no one else does. In the film, Daya is seen looking for justice in his troubled community. His feelings and courage toward the undeveloped village make the audience miserable throughout his voyage. Furthermore, the scenes between Daya and Upasana throughout the film are stunning, particularly those set in the villages. The character’s journey is quite predictable, yet Dayahang does his best in the film Hattichhap.

hattichhap movie 2024 dayahang rai

Upasana Singh Thakuri plays Laxmi, a gorgeous and kind-hearted character in the film. She tells the narrative of a devoted partner who will stand by her mate no matter what. Upasana has expertly depicted the lovable role and slays it with ease. The audience in the cinema theater went berserk when they saw her beauty and romantic angle. Good job!

hattichhap movie 2024 saugat malla

Saugat Malla plays the part of Bottle Raja, who is almost always inebriated due to his royal family background. When Saugat Malla appears on screen, his dialogue and persona captivate audiences. His act of isolation and hatred for women adds a comedic element to the plot. Saugat did a fantastic job as a Bottle Raja in the film Hattichhap.

Direction & Story Telling

The motion picture Hattichhap was directed by Simosh Sunuwar. The director’s concept inspires the public to stand out on their own because of how crooked and dishonest politicians are in our society. Pradeep Bhardwaj has written an exquisite film that blends romantic elements with the political and social dramas of the Nepalese minority. However, fans expect more storytelling and conflict in the screenplay. Furthermore, the film includes strong performances and illustrations that captivate the audience’s hearts. The shorts captured by Sushan Prajapati are truly mesmerizing on the big screen. The love story of Dayahang Rai and Upasana Singh Thakuri is a thrill to watch in the theater. Audiences anticipate that their romance will last a little longer on screen. The best part of the movie is the sequences portrayed by Saugat Malla as Bottle Raja, fans went crazy in the cinema hall.

Movie Verdict

Hattichhap is an enjoyable movie to watch in the theater since it has good acting, visuals, and a storyline. The chemistry between Dayahang Rai and Upasana Singh creates a captivating scenery for the film. When Bottle Raja, Saugat Malla, enters the screen, his performance captures the hearts of the audience. Furthermore, the visuals and production in the film are amazing. Hattichhap is a nice film. You will enjoy it.


Hattichhap Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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