Hijo Aaja Ka Kura (2022) Movie Trailer | Story Of Youth’s Compromises For Quality Life | Santosh Pant

The Hijo Aaja Ka Kura movie trailer emphasizes families and why young people prefer to live overseas. Youths desired to live in the United States for a better lifestyle, and they were willing to give up their hometown and anything else that was necessary.

hijo aja ka kura actors

The filmmakers are attempting to depict the concessions that young people make in their pursuit of happiness and quality of life. Youths are dissatisfied with their current political disputes and lifestyle. That is why they desired to travel overseas and reside in peace.

Hijo Aaja Ka Kura movie is directed by Sakar Pant and features Santosh Pant, Rama Thapaliya,Keki Adhikari, Reecha Sharma, Divya Dev Pant, Sakar Pant, Rima Bishwokarma, Jayananda Lama, Ramesh Adhikari, Jebika Karki, Binayak Kuikel, Anushka Adhikari, Niranjan Prasad Aryal, Laxmi Bhusal, Sabin Shakya, Manju Shrestha, Saileja Pandey, and Kamala Regmi major roles. The movie is releasing on 14 October 2022.

Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Movie Trailer:


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