Hookah (2023) Movie Trailer: Trapped In Conflict Of Social & Family Issues | Prakash Ghimire | Pramila Khanal | Tej Giri

A Hookah movie is a typical social drama about the clash between family and unemployment. The wife and husband, Pramila Khanal and Tej Giri face unexpected disputes and societal pressures which change their lifestyle.

hookah movie trailer

Tej Giri comes from a wealthy traditional family and wishes to develop his own enterprise, but nothing goes his way. Everything he tries to construct crashes and fails. He does not want to be an employee since he prefers to be an employer, yet he is unable to start a business.

Tej’s wife Pramila wants to seek a job because the revenue isn’t coming in, but Tej refuses. Tej embarks on a new route in quest of a source of income, where he must confront several repercussions. His wife supports her, but society and individuals pose the greatest threat to him.

hookah movie tej giri

Shambhu Thapa directed Hookah, which was scripted by Santosh Kumar Atreya and Bhagawan Poudel. Prakash Ghimire, Pramila Khanal, Tej Giri, Ashu Neupane, Talisha Gurung, Nischal Bimal, Alisha Bhoj, and Santosh Kumar Atreya appear in the picture. The film will be released on May 26, 2023.

Watch Hookah Movie Trailer:


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