Jackie – I Am 21 (2023) Movie Teaser: Outstanding Hip Hop Dance Moves | Dhiraj Magar | Jassita Gurung | Renasha Rai Rana | Arun Chettri

Jackie – I Am 21 recounts the story of a young man who aspires to be a hip-hop dancer. Dhiraj Magar teams up with Renasha Rai Rana for an exceptional dance film.

jackie i am 21 teaser 2023

Dhiraj plays Jackie, a guy who was earlier seen enlisting for the army but changed his mind to become a skilled dancer in the community. In an emotional sense, Jackie’s father dismisses his son’s ambition, but he listens to his heart in order for him to thrive as a hip-hop artist.

i am 21

The preview features incredible dancing movements performed by talented dancers. And Jackie is one of the contenders who is heating up the stage with his outstanding performances. Jackie is shown competing with other incredible performers to accomplish his ambition. Jackie – I Am 21 Movie features Dhiraj Magar, Jassita Gurung, Arun Chettri, Prem Subba, Loonibha Tuladhar, Sujata Rai, and Suryamaan Limbu in lead roles

Watch Jackie – I Am 21 Movie Teaser:


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