Jackie – I am 21 (2023) Movie’s Official Posters Released

The official posters for Jackie – I am 21 have been published by the film’s creators. Dhiraj Magar, the film’s primary actor, portrays two characters: a hip-hop artist and a British soldier.

jackie i am 21 poster

Dhiraj is shown on the poster staring in the mirror as a typical soldier who appears solemn. He may be a soldier by profession, but his heart desires to be an incredible hip-hop dancer and create a career out of it. What are the character’s depictions and symbolism? This will be revealed in the makers’ next digital creatives releases.

Mrs. Renasha Rai Rana, one of Nepal’s most outstanding choreographers, directs Jackie – I am 21. The film may provide fresh and distinctive content to Nepalese audiences under her direction and the wonderful choreography of The Wild Ripperz Crew. The super dance movie, Jackie – I am 21, releases on May 4, 2023, in cinema halls. Get ready to experience the amazing moves.

jackie i am 21 poster 2


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