Jhingedaau (2022) Movie Review: Typical Affair

Jhingedaau’s makers examine how the entrance of a woman into a man’s life affects him. The emotional components of motherhood, as well as the complications of creating a happy family, are explored in the social drama film.

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Jhingedaau Movie Story:

A simple Khanal family of a mother and two sons lives in a remote village. while her husband died while she was young, Kausalya was left to raise her two sons (Ramkant and Krisnakant) alone. She instilled a sense of culture and discipline in her children. And, as a consequence of their family and culture, the Khanal family has had a positive influence in the community.

Mantra (Fatauri), Kausalya’s neighbor, is always there for her when she is in need. Mantra is continuously trying to help and enhance the Khanal family. She took on the role of a second mother to her two sons. Ms. Fatauri, who was like a second mother to Kausalya’s gentleman, Ramkant, arranged for them to marry a lovely girl named Sita when they were ready.

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Sita intended for her best friend Radha to marry Ramkant’s younger brother, Krishnakant, when Ramkant and Sita married, because Radha and Krishnakant had already begun to fall in love. Sita had an important role in bringing both lovers together, and she also got to spend time with her best friend.

Everything was OK until one day while playing Jhingedaau, Sita kept winning and Radha kept losing. Radha squashed and killed the fly, which Sita thought was a lucky fly. Because of that insignificant incident, both of their closest friends began arguing. This tiny disagreement destroys the entire connection and joyous family, and pessimism spreads across the community.

Jhingedaau Movie Cast:

Sita, portrayed by Keki Adhikari, is as clever and rebellious as she is descended from a noble family. She understands how to make a winning play and remain ahead of the competition. Keki Adhikari plays Ramkant’s wife in the film. Keki Adhikari delivered an outstanding performance that fully justified her characterization. She strikes a good balance between an elaborate quarreler and a smart wife.

Radha, played by Aanchal Sharma, is both charming and vicious. She comes from a moderate household and is not afraid to take a stand. She seldom initiates confrontations, but when she is insulted, she loses her cool. Radha is played superbly by Aanchal Sharma. Despite the fact that the character looks to be loud and aggressive, Aanchal has depicted the personality in a relaxed manner.


Ramkant, Kausalya’s pleasant and tranquil elder son, is played by Mukun Bhusal. He adores her family and is always available to them in their hour of need. As the eldest, he appears to be a bold and robust young man. Mukun has done an outstanding job as Ramkant, who swings between being a nice brother and an obnoxious brat.

Kushal Bista makes his acting debut in Jhingedaau as Krishnakant. Kushal, who has been in a romantic comedy-drama series, is in a similar mood in the shot. Kushal has done an outstanding job in his directorial debut. Kushal’s debut film appears to be his second. He does an excellent job of transitioning from a romantic to a tough, furious man.

Direction & Story Telling:

Gyanendra Deuja, the director of Jhingedaau, gave Nepali audiences a one-of-a-kind and distinct piece of film. The filmmaker wonderfully chose and depicted Bhimnidhi Tiwari’s Jhingedaau’s story. The film is set in a little town, yet the tale is told on a grander scale. The producers hope to tie together stories about a caring mother, brotherhood, and the husband-wife relationship in a household. The filmmaker has given social drama fresh vitality while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. It’s incredible.

Movie Verdict:

Jhingedaau is a fantastic film in general. The plot revolves on a simple yet powerful subject that will have you in tears throughout. The family drama boasts outstanding acting, music, and, most significantly, a narrative that is unique to Nepali cinemagoers. You’ll enjoy it. Keep an eye on Jhingedaau.

Jhingedaau Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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