Jhingedaau (2079) Movie Trailer | Home Turned Out To Hell | Keki Adhikari | Aanchal Sharma

The trailer of the movie Jhingedaau, starring Keki Adhikari and Mukun Bhusal, is now available. A house may be changed into a home after marriage, or it can bring hell out of it, and that’s the ride of hell in Jhingedaau. Bhimnidhi Tiwari’s storyline inspired the filmmaker, and the trailer provides an exciting experience.

Jhingedaau keki adikari movie

Jhingedaau’s trailer depicts a familial social drama that is commonly witnessed in rural areas of Nepal. A lovely family, strong bonds, and brotherhood are shattered by an unsupportive neighborhood and the direction of marriage. Director Gyanendra Deuja has portrayed every aspect in such a way that you feel both entertained and concerned.

Jhingedaau cast

The film, produced by Kapangadhi Cinema & Film Crew Nepal, transports you to the village’s delights and spectacular cinematographic experience. All of the performers, including Keki Adhikari, Mukun Bhusal, Aanchal Sharma, Hiunwala Gautam, Sangam Bhandari, Bijay Deuja, Ayan Khadka, and Abhay Raj Baral, have played their roles so enthusiastically we enjoy watching them. The film will be released on September 2, 2022, in cinemas.

Watch Jhingedaau Movie Trailer:


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