Jhingedaau (2079) | Solid Title Teaser | Keki Adhikari | Aanchal Sharma | Mukunda Bhusal

The title teaser of the movie ‘Jhingedaau’ is out now. The official short clip features flies, pennies, and the voice of star actress Keki Adhikari. Gyanendra Deuja, the film’s director and producer, said he had to make his title teaser public to clarify the movie’s significance.

jhingedaau keki adhikari

The film centers on Bhimanidhi Tiwari’s tale Jhingedaau’ and is created by Kapangadi Cinema and Film Crew Nepal. The film’s lead actors are Keki Adhikari, Aanchal Sharma, Mukun Bhushal, and Kushal Bisht. In the movie, Keki and Aanchal play the roles of Sisters-In-Law.

Watch Jhingedaau Title Teaser:


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