Jor Maina | Prakash (2079) Heartbreaking Song | Pradeep Khadka | Deeya Maskey | | Dhurba Bisco | Dipak Sharma

The song ‘Jor Maina’ is released from the movie Prakash. The featured song has lyrics and music by Deepak Sharma and voice by Dhurba Bisco. The movie’s song, shot in Jumla, depicts an impediment in the love characters, because of the problem of caste inequality, played by Pradip Khadka and Renu Yogi.

jor maina pradeep khadka

The song illustrates the awkward circumstance of falling in love owing to caste discrimination between Pradip Khadka and Renu Yogi. The conversation attempts to show that girl’s family is opposed to her love because of class inequality.

Watch Jor Maina Prakash Song:


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