Kabaddi 4 – The final match’s shooting begins

Kabaddi 4

The filming of the last match of ‘Kabaddi 4’ has been commemorated. At the Bhatbhateni temple in Naxal, the film’s fortunate occasion was commemorated by worshiping the camera and script. The event was attended by actors, directors, producers, and cinematographers.

Kabaddi 4 shooting begins
Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Buddhi Tamang, Bijay Baral, Miruna Magar, Gaumaya Gurung, Pushkar Gurung, Kavita Ale, and Jayananda Lama will be featuring in the last series of ‘Kabaddi.’ Gaumaya is making her acting debut with this film.

Kabaddi 4 shooting 2021
Director Rambabu Gurung collaborated with Upendra Subba to write the story for the film that will be produced under the Basuri Films banner. The film’s producers are Maniram Pokhrel, Arjun Karki, and Om Chandra Rauniyar.


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