Kabaddi (2014) Movie Review: Tragic Love Tale Of Kaji

Kabaddi is a Nepalese romantic comedy film with a delicate dose of drama written and directed by Ram Babu Gurung. The film depicts the broken love tale of Kaji (played by Dayahang Rai) and Maiya (portrayed by Rishma Gurung). The film is set in Mustang, and the filmmaker has done an excellent job of capturing the setting’s rawness. Every jigsaw piece fits flawlessly to make the movie a landmark in the Nepali film industry. The drama constantly manages to captivate us, whether through catchy tunes, humorous timing, or narrative twists.

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In the Kabaddi movie, Kaji (Dayahang Rai) is a young hopeless romantic who really wants to marry Maiya (Rishma Gurung), but Maiya does not want to marry Kaji. She prefers to further her study in the capital. Kaji has proclaimed his love for Maiya countless times, but she never seems to realize it. Maiya is angered by Kaji’s actions and constantly finds a way to disappoint him. With the help of his two best friends BK (Bijaya Baral) and Chantyal (Buddhi Tamang), Kaji never gives up on the love of his life, hoping that one day she will embrace his feelings for her.

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The third point in this failed love tale is Bibek, a lovely young man from the city. Maiya and Bibek appear to click from the start, leaving Kaji trapped in this love triangle. After various twists and turns in their love triangle, Maiya elopes with Bibek to the city to locate her long-missing father and seek higher education, only to discover that she has been set up as leverage by Bibek, who has a grudge against her father. Kaji embarks on a trip to find Maiya and return her home after learning of her elopement to the city. The movie then sets up a tumultuous situation and the attempts of Kaji, Maiya, and Bibek to find a way out of it, which is perhaps the most engaging section of the film. This film’s actors delivered an outstanding performance. Each member of the cast is perfectly suited to their part, and they all played it flawlessly.

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The director’s work on this Kabaddi film is outstanding. Because the picture is set in a rural place, the rawness of the setting and the daily lives of the people there are well conveyed. Purusottam Pradhan, along with director Ram Babu Gurung, has done an excellent job of building up the atmosphere and filling it with excellence. Purusottam Pradhan, the cinematographer, has done a fantastic job of expressing the character’s feelings and the tone of the scenario. While we applaud the Director and Cinematographer for their efforts, we must not overlook the editor, who has expertly blended the scenes to give the film a coherent meaning, so fulfilling the vision of director Ram Babu Gurung and cinematographer Purusottam Pradhan.

The soundtrack of this Kabaddi picture is particularly noteworthy, providing some hopeless romantics with a tune to relate to and some joyful individuals with a song to dance and vibe to. The background noises mix in flawlessly with the film without distracting the viewer.

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The Kabaddi movie is well worth every cash and minute we commit to it. If you enjoy romantic comedies, we believe this is a must-see. The way this film has been produced, we believe it is well on its way to being one of the all-time greats, and it is undoubtedly proving to be a benchmark for future films. Every aspect of creating this cinema was done to perfection, whether it was selecting the proper performers, writing a piece of well-suited music, or setting it up in a wonderful location to make it feel more authentic.

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