Kandetar (2024) Movie Review: Patriotic Picture

The film Kandetar highlights the challenges faced by Nepalese citizens near the country’s borders. Nawal Khadka makes every effort to provide Nepalese supporters with an enduring patriotic movie.

Kandetar (2024) Movie Review

Kandetar Movie Story

Indian forces threaten and rule over Nepalese civilians along the country’s borders. Nepalese individuals are unable to react because those in positions of authority are blind and deaf. The Nepalese must endure all of the hardships and inconveniences caused by crooked Indian soldiers. When no one is willing to confront the corrupt Indian military, Nawal (Nawal Khadka), a social activist, fights back for change and development. When border issues become a pressing concern, Nawal and the locals face violent, life-threatening complications in their own area.

Kandetar Movie Cast & Performance

Nawal Khadka plays a key role in the film Kandetar. He is regarded as a social activist who forges the way for social change and transformation for social reasons. As a passionate and patriotic character, he represents political issues that have an impact on society. He doesn’t think about himself when it comes to serving the community and its citizens. In the film, there is a scene where he abandons his dinner to fix the community’s concerns, that is an amazing moment. He is portrayed as such a prominent figure that everyone contacts him anytime an issue arises. Throughout these scenes, Nawal Khadka has done his best to articulate the character he played in Kandetar. As the film requires, he succeeds in the arc of the political and social activist personality. His dialogue and actions inspire young people to join him in the quest of creating the nation for a better tomorrow. It was thrilling to witness Nawal Khadka play in both a political drama and an action-packed avatar.

kandetar movie nawal khadka

Gaurav Pahari plays the character Satyam, who is from an elite family. His character exemplifies why young people aspire to travel overseas and live a relaxing lifestyle. However, when he believes that the country needs the youth, he fights back to defend the national cause. Gaurav has done his best to articulate his performance; yet, spectators will demand more screen time. Furthermore, his character journey might be somewhat improvised, resulting in an exciting cinematic experience. Overall, Gaurav Pahari did justice to his role in the movie.

kandetar movie gaurav pahari

Rebika Gurung plays Maki, the love interest of Gaurav Pahari. She plays a chill character in the film. When the Indian armies attack her and her friend for unclear reasons, she fights back in whichever way she can. Rebika has done her utmost to embody the character in the Kandetar. While we enjoy the film, audiences feel she should improve her dialogue delivery, body language, and facial emotions. Overall, her patriotic performance connects beautifully with the audience in the film.

Direction & Story Telling

The film Kandetar was written and directed by Nawal Khadka. The plot focuses on the common challenges encountered by Nepalese living near Nepal’s borders. The political drama film attempts to capture the attention of Nepali authorities and young people, both of whom are critical to the country’s future prosperity. Nawal Khadka, the filmmaker, has focused on performance through the political atmosphere and action-packed moments. However, the film also needs a calming storyline and character development. It would be nice if the creators delved deeper into the potential causes of violence and conflict in border areas.

kandetar nepali movie

In Kandetar, Nawal Khadka’s performance is remarkable and pleasing to the audience. However, the other character’s individuality and journey could be better molded through numerous narrative perspectives. The background score by Shailendra Pradhan is pleasant to hear. Saurav Lama’s cinematography is a nice try, yet it requires cinematic development. Overall, Kandetar is a good film that emphasizes a major issue of the country.

Movie Verdict

Kandetar is a political-social play about the strife between Indian and Nepalese border communities. The movie is packed with dramatic action scenes and societal dramas. Furthermore, Kandetar encourages youths and political parties to wake up and take the necessary steps to protect the people and the country. If you appreciate viewing political and patriotic films, Kandetar might be for you.


Kandetar Movie Rating: ⭐⭐ / 5


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