Kandetar (2079) | Movie Teaser | Nawal Khadka | Gaurav Pahari | Surbina Karki

The country is in serious danger because it is ruled by treacherous individuals. Kandetar, a Nepali film, attempts to depict courage and patriotic feelings toward the nation by protecting it from intruders. Nawal Khadka, a filmmaker, is portraying a heroic guardian of the nation on the big screen.

Watch Kandetar Movie Trailer:

The action drama depicts spectacular action sequences in which the protagonist kills every goon in his path. The main character is driving society in a positive direction by eliminating all conceivable inappropriate behavior. Nawal Khadka’s film stars Gaurav Pahari, Rebika Gurung, Surbina Karki, Muralidhar, Prem Subba, Parashuram Chaudhary, Sanjay Khatiwada, Rajendra Bhagat, Pannalal Sikdar, Prakash Giri, and others.


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