Kasam Timilai Ma Chhoddina | Aandhi Toofan 2 Romantic Movie Song | Arjun Limbu | Bikram Thapa

The ‘Kasam Timilai Ma Chhoddina’ song ‘Aandhi Toofan 2’ from the film has been released. The song’s video has Kamal Rai’s choreography and music by Bikram Thapa and lyrics by Dipendra Khadka. The song has vocals by Arjun Limbu and Binusa Rai and features the major characters Sanjay Khatiwada and Anamika Karki in an amorous mood.

kasam timilai movie song 2079

According to filmmaker and screenwriter Maunta Shrestha, Women Combat Movie describes the tale of women’s endurance. The sequel to the mega-blockbuster film ‘Aandhi Toofan’ which was released in 2063, was directed by Madan Ghimire. Ravi Giri, Sony BC, Yanshu Shrestha, and Aarati Acharya play important parts in this film. The film will be released in Nepal on August 5, 2022.

Watch Kasam Timilai Ma Chhoddina Video Song:


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