Kausid (2023) Movie Trailer: Corrupt System Kills

Kausid is a social drama about how corrupted individuals crush innocent people. A crooked system shatters Bholaraj Sapkota and Reecha Sharma’s blissful lives.

kausid movie trailer

In the Kausid trailer, Bholaraj Sapkota and Reecha Sharma play a husband and wife who want to create their ideal home. However, budgetary restrictions have prevented them from accomplishing their objectives. Bholaraj Sapkota is an instructor with reasonable beliefs and ethics, yet society does not appreciate it.

Society is continually leaning towards a rotten system from which there is no way out. Bholaraj is suffering a lot while on the right road since no one is helping him adequately. The government, financial institutions, and social people are all negative, and a cooperative mentality is lacking, which causes decent individuals like Bholaraj to endure hardship in society.

Kumar Bhaskar directed the film Kausid, which appears to be the norm for Nepalese people. The filmmaker attempts to investigate the rotten system and society. Bholaraj Sapkota, Reecha Sharma, Rupesh Dahal, Parikshit Bickram Rana, Sadikshya Gautam, Nirbhik Bhattarai, and Sandeep Lohani play pivotal roles in the movie. The motion picture Kausid will be released in theaters on October 13, 2023.

Watch Kausid Movie Trailer:


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