Ke Ghar Ke Dera (2022) Movie Review: Bewitching

The film Ke Ghar Ke Dera, starring Dayahang Rai and Bipin Karki, shows the struggles of a house owner and a renter. The filmmakers told a fresh and original tale that resonated with the people of Kathmandu Valley.

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Ke Ghar Ke Dera Movie Story:

Dayahang Rai represents Sajan Rai, an honest and reliable person who is also a loving and caring dad and husband somewhere in Kathmandu. Surakshya Pant plays his wife, Aakriti, an energetic and self-motivated woman who wants to cease renting after purchasing a home in Kathmandu. However, due to financial constraints, the couple is unable to buy a home.

Aakriti approaches her father for financial assistance because her father has two houses in the valley and intends to build another, but her father resists. Given all of these challenges, she believes that falsifying paperwork can help her secure credit facilities from the bank. When the bank discovers that the paperwork were falsified, the loan is denied. The couple’s existence as renters continues.

ke ghar ke dera movie story

Bipin Karki’s portrayal of Sanke Dada, on the other hand, is significant. He is a wealthy and comfortable man in Kathmandu who would consider engaging in illegal activities if things did not go as planned. He maintains a well-decorated and equipped home with his second wife, Sanu (Barsha Raut). Sanke and Sanu are both battling for control of the house. Sanu wants to know who owns the house, whilst Sanke wants to keep the actual owner of the house a secret in order to avoid strife between these two women.

Because everyone knows the whole team involved, Sanke and his pals delegate ownership to Sajan Rai to resolve the issue. Everything between Sanke Dada and Sajan Rai becomes complex and awful since Mr. Sajan betrays the trust.

Ke Ghar Ke Dera Movie Cast & Performance:

Sajan Rai is played by Dayahang Rai. He is a youthful, enthusiastic, dedicated, and truthful professional who helps everyone in need. Mr. Sajan Rai was a national-level Nepalese athlete who won several medals, but because sports money is difficult to sustain, he changed careers to become a logistics bus driver in Kathmandu. Dayahang Rai represented the work effectively, whether it was a tragic event or a comical figure. His performance in the film struck us much.

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Surakshya Pant also had an important role in the film Ke Ghar Ke Dera. Surakshya plays Aakriti, a rich family member who falls in love with Sajan Rai, a middle-class person. In the film, Aakriti is a powerful, opinionated, and self-motivated character. She intends to buy a home for his family and live there comfortably. She makes every effort but falls short of his expectations. Surakshaya Pant delivered an outstanding performance. The amusing discussion emphasizes and promises her role in the picture. We’d want to see her as an audience member in more films.

Bipin Karki plays Shanker, also known as Shanke Dada. Fans will appreciate Mr. Shanke, who has the finest witty speech and screen time in the picture. Shanke is one of Kathmandu’s wealthiest men; he has a gorgeous home and works professionally in real estate. He is not frightened to represent an illicit job if something bad happens to him. Bipin Karki captures the distinct and refreshing character of Ke Ghar Ke Dera well. Mr. Karki is the film’s most important asset in terms of creating both beautiful funny and hilarious sad sequences. It’s amazing.

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Another important character in the film is Barsha Raut, who plays Shanke Dada’s second wife. In the film, Barsha plays Sanu, a gold digger. She is only coming to take Shanke Dada’s treasured house. She understands how to deceive her opponent with affection and make them feel fantastic, but her goals are always diabolical. Barsha Raut represents the offered character, who is both a passionate lover and a romantic figure, admirably.

Direction & Story Telling:

We must recognize the whole body of work of the director, Dipendra K Khanal, who is continually on the lookout for new and original content to provide to Nepalese filmgoers. However, if the film’s makers had put forth a little more effort to build a richer character arc, plot, and screenplay, the picture would have starred in cinemas. Overall, the video is entertaining and educational.

Movie Verdict:

The characters in the film take you on a fantastic trip as a house owner and a tenant. The film’s humorous moments and interesting dialogue keep you interested and involved in the tale. It’s a good popcorn movie in our opinion. We encourage seeing the film.

Ke Ghar Ke Dera Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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