London To Paris (2024) Movie Review: True Love Exists

London To Paris is a romantic story about love, friendship, and heartbreaks, with Nischal Khadka and Samragyee RL Shah playing key roles. Nischal Khadka, an aspiring actor, delivered an outstanding performance in the film.

london to paris movie 2024

London To Paris Movie Story

Apil (Nischal Khadka) and his closest buddy Gaurav (Kabir Khadka) live in London and operate a beauty and makeup studio. Apil, the company’s owner, has worked tirelessly to create a fantastic business in London. Currently, he is crazily in love with his girlfriend, Priya, and wishes to marry her. He travels from London to Manchester for his wedding in church, where Priya awaits.

london to paris movie

When Apil arrives at the chapel, he discovers her girlfriend is marrying her true boyfriend, Rahul. He is upset and sad because he is being used. Priya has summoned him just to observe and support her wedding ceremony. Mega (Samragyee RL Shah), Rahul’s ex-girlfriend, attends the wedding as a witness in his support. Despite the fact that someone else had taken away their love, Apil and Mega were powerless to intervene. Later, Apil falls in love with Mega, which complicates their lives.

London To Paris Movie Cast & Performance

Nischal Khada portrays the lead character Apil in the film London To Paris. Apil is a happy guy, yet he may also be upset if things do not go his way. He is a romantic loser because he does not make his own decisions and instead seeks advice from his pal. If he finds anything intriguing, he pours his heart and soul into it.

london to paris movie nischal khadka

Nischal Khada, a debutante actor, did an excellent job in the movie London To Paris. In most scenes of the film, he brings the role to life. Despite his efforts, he still has room to enhance his acting and facial expressions. We can see his acting talent, and he may shine even more in future ventures. Good luck with it.

Samragyee RL Shah plays the role of Mega in the film London To Paris. Mega is an assertive and headstrong main character who follows her own rules in life. She places importance on something once it appeals to her. In the film, she is deeply in love with her ex-boyfriend, and one occurrence convinces her that real affection does not exist.

london to paris movie review

Samragyee RL Shah represents a modest affluent lady who lives in her own world. Samragyee did her best throughout the film to bring the character to life, although spectators want more of her terrifying presence. The character arc might be improvised to allow us to resonate with the character fully. Overall, she did quite well in the movie.

Kabir Khadka portrays the supporting role Gaurav, who is usually cheery in temperament. Gaurav is a hilarious character who enjoys offering dating advice to his closest buddy while being single. The nicest thing about him is that he is incredibly hardworking and committed to his career.

london to paris movie kabir khadka

Kabir Khadka did an excellent job in the film London To Paris. He fully justifies the character he plays on the screen. His both charming and bashful personalities are endearing. We thoroughly appreciated his performance at the theater.

Garima Sharma plays a supplementary character, Deepa, in the film London to Paris. Deepa is a kind and innocent character who adores her job and home. She manages everything effectively, whether at work or home. She has a hidden crush on her boss, which she never admits. When her boss proposes to her she reaches cloud nine.

london to paris movie garima sharma

Garima Sharma has done an excellent job in her debut film London To Paris. Her gentle and lovely personality helps the audience fall in love with her. In terms of acting, she still has to work on her performance to polish her character, which she plans to do eventually. Overall, she did a fantastic job in the movie.

Direction & Story Telling

The director of the film Ghanashyam Lamichhane has given a captivating romance film to Nepalese audiences. Mr. Lamichhane presents a larger-than-life film with debuting artist Nischal Khadka as the lead. The film’s story serves several conflicts and tensions that will move the viewer to tears. London To Paris is a great attempt by the filmmaker to take Nepali filmmaking to a global scenario.

london to paris movie Samragyee RL Shah

The screenplay for the film was written by Pradeep Bhardwaj, which is acceptable, nevertheless, it might be improved with more interesting discourse to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The finest part of the film is the music and melodies, which are wonderful to the ears. The exotic locales of the film will capture the audience’s attention in this lovely work of art.

Movie Verdict

The film London To Paris depicts the strength of never giving up on your love. The fresh love pairings of Nischal Khadka and Samragyee RL Shah provide Nepalese audiences with an interesting romantic movie experience. If you like romantic dramas, you may like the movie at the theater.


London To Paris Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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