Ma (2079) Movie Trailer | Awesome Thrilling & Crime | Sanjog Rasaii | Nirajan Pradhan | Sabin Shrestha | Rubina Thapa

The trailer of the movie ‘Ma’ directed by Subarna Thapa has been released by Kantipur Film Academy. The psycho-dramatic and suspense thriller film trailer is based on the connection of a character who entered the hospital as a patient after a criminal incident.

ma latest nepali movie

The Ma trailer centers around a hospital and police officers who are both attempting to solve crime-related incidents. Doctors and nurses are attempting to resolve interior issues, whereas police officers are attempting to resolve outward issues. Even with excellent care and support facilities and surveillance, illicit activities are carried out with no one discovering the truth.

The movie features Sanjog Rasaii, Nirajan Pradhan, Nisha Adhikari, Sabin Shrestha, Rubina Thapa, Naren Khadka, Sarita Lamichhane & Saroj Khanal in key roles. This Nepali film is written by Prakash Puri and directed by Subarna Thapa. The suspense thrilling cinema is releasing on 5 August 2022 in cinema halls globally.

Watch Ma Trailer: 


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