Nai Nabhannu La 6 (2023) Movie Review: Adorable

Aanchal Sharma and Ashirwad Chhetri feature in Nai Nabhannu La 6, a unique romantic love story about an amnesia sufferer and an artist. Ashirwad Chhetri made his Nepali cinema debut with Nai Nabhannu La 6, and we wish him the best of luck.

nai nabhannu la 6 movie cast

Nai Nabhannu La 6 Movie Story:

Shishir (Ashirwad Chhetri) is a skilled cinema actor who enjoys performing action parts. He has a daughter, Ditya (Avelina Khadka), with whom he spends a lot of his after-work time. Shishir has always loved and cared for his child, Ditya, who has never gotten affection from her mother. The father-daughter team admired one another.

Ditya’s birthday has arrived, and her father is still not home, which makes her very upset. When her father arrives home, he wishes her a happy birthday, drives her to school, and promises to take her to one of the finest restaurants to celebrate. On the drive, Ditya asks Shishir about her mother, but he terminates the subject by saying that he will illustrate it later. After school, they go to a restaurant to celebrate their birthday.

nai nabhannu la 6 movie avelina khadka

Because it is Mother’s Day and she misses her mother more than anything else, Ditya compels his father to speak about her mother before the celebrations begin. Shishir began narrating about his wife Ritu (Aanchal Sharma), with whom he fell in love at first sight, with a melancholy expression on his face. Shishir was a struggling artist at the time, supplementing his money by playing at local theaters and pubs.

Ritu went to Jhapa just to visit his buddy Grishma during her vacation. They quickly fall in love when she meets Shishir. Shishir takes her to beautiful natural areas in Jhapa as they start spending time together. They could converse about one another and their own aspirations for hours.

Everything was OK until Ritu’s lover Hemant came suddenly in Jhapa. Hemant was delighted to see Ritu, but Ritu was surprised. Hemant proposes to her and vows to marry her a week after his brother and sister-in-law come. Shishir had been observing events from behind and had left town without seeing Ritu.

After years of waiting, Shishir is summoned by a doctor for an emergency blood donation. Shishir visits the hospital and discovers that Ritu has been involved in an accident. According to the doctor, Ritu suffered as a result of the accident.

Nai Nabhannu La 6 Movie Cast & Performance:

Ashirwad Chhetri made his film debut in Nai Nabhannu La 6. I believe he gave it his all in his performance, but there is still space for development. Although Ashirwad’s role is an important protagonist in the film, his portrayal in the scenes falls short of emotional connection. However, the actor delivers amazing fight moments throughout the film. We wish Ashirwad well in his future endeavors.

Nai Nabhannu La 6 Movie Review

In the film, Aanchal Sharma is coupled with Ashirwad Chhetri. Aanchal is the main character in the film, and everything revolves around her. The graphic shows her as an amnesiac who is losing her memories. She does a good job in the film, but we still want or anticipate more from the character for the film to come to life.

Avelina Khadka steals the show in the film Nai Nabhannu La 6. Despite the fact that she is a child artist, her performance is both engaging and impressive. Whenever she appears on movies, the character either makes you laugh or cry. Her tone and delivery of language are among the film’s best.

Direction & Story Telling:

Nai Nabhannu La 6 was directed and written by Bikash Raj Acharya. The filmmakers did everything they could to produce an enjoyable film, but the execution falls short. The plots and events in the film are not correctly matched, causing the storytelling to zigzag. On the other side, the film’s characters lack a clear character arc. We hope that Bikash Raj Acharya continues to make good films in the future.

Nai Nabhannu La 6 Movie Verdict:

Nai Nabhannu La 6 is dedicated to all of the wonderful and kind mothers out there. The music and cinematography in the film are fantastic. If you enjoy romantic comedies, you may enjoy this one. The young actors are the film’s main characters.

Nai Nabhannu La 6 Movie Rating: ⭐⭐/ 5


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