Neerphool (2023) Movie Trailer: In Search of Lost Wife & Daughter | Dayahang Rai | Shanti Waiba | Buddhi Tamang

Neerphool is a tale of a poor family who has been tormented by government agencies when requested help after the earthquake in Nepal. Dayahang Rai is seen anxious and enraged as he searches for his missing wife and kids.

neerphool movie trailer

In Neerphool movie, Dayahang’s occupation is sheep farming, although he has yet to make a solid living from it. As a result, his wife persuades him to go overseas in order to increase his salary. He agrees to her request and relocates to a different country.

neerphool movie 2023

When he returns from his work, he discovers that his wife and children are disappeared. He goes around several governmental entities to look after the missing folks, but no one cares. As a result, he loses all hope. His wife, Shanti Waiba, on the other hand, searches for her daughter in every nook of Kathmandu. She was unable to locate her daughter. High-ranking officials in Kathmandu harass and torment her. Nothing is going her way.

Phulman Bal directed and wrote the film Neerphool, which is about the social drama that transpired following the earthquake. Dayahang Rai, Rekha Thapa, Buddhi Tamang, Shanti Waiba, Jigme Chhyoki Ghising, Puskar Gurung, Rajan Khatiwada, Saroj Aryal, Sarita Giri, Jiban Baral, Laxmi Bardewa, Manas Raj, and Roshan Fyuba are among the cast members. Neerphool will be released in theaters on June 9, 2023.

Watch Neerphool Movie Trailer:


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