Paaniphoto (2022) Movie Review: Outstanding Act

Paaniphoto is a simple yet compelling story of a rural couple searching for their missing child. Khagendra Lamichhane, who directed the picture for the first time, did an outstanding job.

paaniphoto nepali movie review

Paaniphoto Movie Story:

Because of unethical actions, the villages were frightened during the Maoist civil war. To establish strong unity, the Maoists chose adolescents from each family and formed groups. Maiya’s son, Krishna, was kidnapped on his way home from school and forced to join the Maoist squad at the time. Krishna was unable to contact his mother or father due to the restricted communication possibilities available at the time. On the other hand, Maiya and her husband are constantly looking for their kid, expecting to find him even after years of seeking.

Paaniphoto Movie Cast:

Paaniphoto’s Menuka Pradhan is a hidden gem. Menuka played Maiya, a strong and independent lady who stands up for herself. Krishna, her son, goes missing at a young age during the Maoist War, and she seeks temples, priests, and even the nearest source who may have information about her son in an attempt to find him. Throughout, she faces family conflict, neighborhood prejudice, and her own worries. Menuka Pradhan’s outstanding performance steals the night. Wow!

Paaniphoto Movie

What can we say about Anup Baral, the actor? Paaniphoto delivers again another great performance. He quietly and deftly turns himself from a haughty guy to a wonderfully supportive husband. He sacrificed everything in order to discover his kid, but his attempts were futile, and he blamed fate and his wife. He desires to leave the dramatic scenario behind and start again, but his wife’s emotions have left him behind. His talks and presentations are both outstanding.


Radha, Krishna’s love interest, was performed by Malika Mahat. Malika’s acting and performance have improved dramatically since her last film. Radha is a fiery and outspoken lady who adores Krishna. She attends college, works around the house, and cares for her impoverished family. Radha in the film embodies the actual sentiments of patience and determination, which can be difficult but can also be joyfully enjoyed. Malika painstakingly created the feelings and sentiments. It’s great to see her.

paaniphoto malika mahat movie

Khagendra Lamichhane, the director of Paaniphoto, has created a smaller room for himself. Mr. Lamichhane played Padam, an innocent and timid figure, throughout the film. He lost his gorgeous youth and his lover, Sarita, as a result of the Maoist war. Padam has a brief appearance in the film; he seems miserable throughout but does it in a charming manner. His dialogue is so poignant that you will weep. It was amazing!

Direction & Story Telling:

The writer and director of the Paaniphoto picture, Khagendra Lamichhane, has created an extraordinary masterpiece. His dedication to creating beautiful cinema can be sensed throughout the film. The director throws his passion and emotion into the film from the start. He is so adept at handling all of the film’s performers, technical challenges, sound, and pictures that he adds value to every moment. Because of his theatrical background, the plot has the feel of a stage production. Mr. Lamichhane’s Paaniphoto directorial debut is wonderful, and we appreciate it.

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Deepak Bajracharya, the film’s cinematographer, has created breathtaking visuals and compositions. The camera movement is intriguing from the beginning of the flick. A good visual slice brings to life the misty backdrop, green woods, and rivers. Every shot transports you on an incredible journey with the film’s heroes. Krishna’s narrative uses cinematography to present a distinctive and unique story. The unique approach to character development and presentation is admired.

The picture proceeds steadily during the post-production process, which includes editing, sound, and any other technical work. Nimesh Shrestha, the editor of Paaniphoto, has so nicely structured each scene in the image that watching the film makes you happy. The clips and scenes are trimmed with such precision that the editor’s creative work expands on the director’s idea.

Movie Verdict:

The film team of Paaniphoto has something special to offer. The film captivates you from start to finish, and the sights and language are so fresh and authentic that you will fall in love with each character. One of the best storylines of the year. Paaniphoto should be followed. You will adore it.

Paaniphoto Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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