Paaso – Unbroken Struggle to Live (2022) Movie Trailer | Rista Basnet

Life is full of unexpected events, both good and terrible. The trailer for the film ‘Paaso,’ starring Rista Basnet, has been published full of crime and actions. The trailer featured here portrays the narrative of Rista, a young lady locked in a box. Paaso – Unbroken Struggle to Live, attempts to depict the hardship of a little girl who wants to live in freedom, but the cruel villains in her life cause her much pain and struggle. The action-crime film tells the story of two buddies who a criminal group abducts to fulfill the lust of a high-ranking individual.

paaso trailer

The production crew is pleased with the trailer’s several personas of Rista Basnet. Besides Rista, the film stars Sunisha Bajgaon, Ram Kumar Bastakoti, Pratik Dulal, and Pranav Akash. The film is directed, written, and directed by RB Pun, with music by Surya Dayalu, cinematography by Uttam Humagani, editing by Bhupendra Adhikari, and choreography by Suraj Basyal. The film will be released in theaters on December 2, 2022.

Watch Paaso Movie Trailer:


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