Pardeshi 2 (2079) Teaser | Lost in Search of Prosperous Life | Prakash Saput | Keki Adhikari | Barsha Siwakoti

The creators of Pardeshi 2 have released a trailer for the film, which underlines why young people choose to migrate to industrialized nations rather than stay and work in Nepal. After completing higher education, Nepal’s younger generation finds it challenging to obtain a better job and a better quality of life in Nepal. Youths are forced to go to a foreign nation due to weak political governance and infrastructure development. This is what Pardeshi movie is trying to focus on.

pardeshi 2 keki adhikari

Narayan International co-produced the film alongside Rajesh Bansal and Narayan Rayamajhi. Prakash Saput, Dilip Rayamajhi, Prashant Tamang, Keki Adhikari, and Barsha Siwakoti, are playing key roles in the film. Prakash Saput’s debut film is ‘Pardeshi 2’ and seems really excited. The movie is releasing on 30th September 2022 all over Nepal.

Watch Pardeshi 2 Movie Teaser:


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