Parkhi Base Timilai (2024) Movie Review: Fresh Tale

The movie Parkhi Base Timilai is an unconventional romantic tale starring Kiran Shrestha and Rakshya Budhathoki. The filmmakers tried really hard to entice Nepalese moviegoers with fresh romantic storylines and actors.

Parkhi Base Timilai Movie Review

Parkhi Base Timilai Movie Story

Aakash (Kiran Shrestha) works as a Pathao driver professionally. As a Pathao passenger in Kathmandu, he meets Aava (Rakshya Budhathoki) for the first time. Initially, they don’t have a solid relationship because of a mismatch in vibes. Later, Aakash’s supporting and loving personality turns Aava towards him. Aava begins to take more Pathao rides from Aakash, and during these interactions, they grow to know one another well.

After getting to know each other, Aakash and Aava start dating. Aakash brings his love interest to new locations and introduces her to his closest companions. As time passes, both desire to begin a new chapter in their life by marrying; however, Aakash is from the impoverished class, and Aava hails from an affluent family. Despite the challenges, Aava is able to reach an agreement with her parents regarding the relationship.

Parkhi Base Timilai 2024 Movie Review

Both begin to plan for the wedding ceremony and are quite pleased with each other. On the wedding day, Aakash simply goes away and becomes inaccessible. When Aava discovers such reckless behavior, she feels wrecked and vulnerable.

Parkhi Base Timilai Movie Cast

Kiran Shrestha (Aakash) has done an excellent job in the debut movie Parkhi Base Timilai. In the romantic comedy film, he played a Pathao rider who falls in love with a lovely woman. His dialogue and charisma make the viewer fall in love with him onscreen. The affectionate and hilarious dialogue keeps the spectator interested in the character throughout the movie playtime. Good job!

Rakshya Budhathoki (Aava) has worked really hard to deliver her best effort in her debut film. As a newcomer, her acting in the film is commendable. As Kiran Shrestha’s love interest, she provides most of the film’s uncomfortable settings beautifully. She has done her best to embody the role, although the directors might have improvised more in her character journey. Overall, Rakshya’s performance in Parkhi Base Timilai is worth seeing.

Parkhi Base Timilai Movie Wilson Bikram Rai

Wilson Bikram Rai (Syantaram) plays a comedic figure in the movie Parkhi Base Timilai. In the film, he is portrayed as an alcoholic who runs an auto workshop. His language and persona are so amusing that keep the audience laughing throughout his humorous capture appearance. He delivered a stellar performance in the film. Good job!

Shiva Shrestha (Samsar) plays Rakshya Budhathoki’s father in the film. He performs the persona well and effortlessly. As a father, his performance exemplifies how far he will go to make his daughter smile. Anger and violence provide tension and drama to the character. Good work!

Direction & Story Telling

Deepak Shrestha, the filmmaker, attempts to give a unique love tale film to Nepalese lovers. The storyline and plots of the film are fairly beautiful; yet, spectators expect an improvised screenplay and character development for Parkhi Base Timilai. Kiran Shrestha and Rakshya Budhathoki, the film’s newcomers, have worked hard to provide strong performances. We are excited to see Kiran Shrestha’s fantastic performance. The film features great plotlines, hypnotic visuals, and a background soundtrack. Nice work by the entire team in presenting an enjoyable love tale film.

Movie Verdict

Parkhi Base Timilai is a romance drama that tells a unique romantic narrative with a new screen pairing. The creator’s strong effort can be noticed in the bulk of parts of filmmaking, despite certain areas for improvement in character development and storyline. If you adore romantic love stories, this is the movie for you. The film’s climax will make moviegoers cry.


Parkhi Base Timilai Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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