Parstree (2023) Movie Review: The Conflict of Love vs. Lust

Parstree, a film starring Koshish Chhetri, Shilpa Maskey, and Gaurav Bista, conveys the atmosphere of lust while yearning for romance. Shilpa’s cinematic adventure with this venture has taken her to brave and hitherto encountered personalities.

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Parstree Movie Story:

Aavya (Shilpa Maskey) and Biswas (Koshish Chhetri) are newlyweds who have had a difficult start to their married life. Biswas sexually exploits Aavya without her consent, causing the relationship to degenerate. Biswas would mix sleeping pills into the water, sending Aavya to sleep while gratifying his sexual need. As a result of such behaviors, both are not communicating or expressing themselves correctly.

Aavya is a radio host on Annapurna Radio FM who examines people’s amorous aspects. She is usually a cheerful and wonderful person at work, but when she leaves, she is lonely and depressed. She talks about her problems with her mother, but her mother is unsupportive. She plans to divorce her husband and begin a new life since she feels their marriage is failing.

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Biswas works as a manager in the DS communication group, where he focuses on improving communications systems. He adores his wife but rarely shows his feelings to her. His one bad habit, an awful inner sexual need, pushes away his wife.

Aavya emphasizes her physical well-being alongside her profession. She works out at the gym every day to keep fit. One day, a new guy named Aayan (Gaurav Bista) walks into the gym. He is simply flirting with her from the start of their contact. They eventually get to know and date each other when Aavya’s husband is gone. When Biswas realizes his wife is cheating on him, the actual tragedy unfolds.

Parstree Movie Cast & Performace:

In the film Parstree, Shilpa Maskey sought to play a brave and hitherto unknown character. She has done her best throughout the film to emulate the character’s manner. Some of the situations in the film, as well as Shilpa’s performance, will give you shivers. As viewers, we sympathize with her way of life. Her disappointing role in the film depresses the audience despite her excellent performance.

parstree movie review

The film’s best feature is Koshish Chhetri’s terrifying and nerve-racking performance, which keeps the viewer enthralled. His portrayal shows how a bad childhood memory may destroy a person’s youth. In the film, Koshish’s wife cheats on him, resulting in the apparition of a terrifying creature. He is thought to be courageous, and if something goes wrong, he is said to manage it properly. And Koshish has done everything he can to make the figure in Parstree legitimate. Outstanding effort!

Gaurav Bista is a flirtatious character who gives his best throughout the film. His discourse is really cheesy, yet it may appeal to female audiences. This example shows how sexual influence can wreck a wonderful relationship and keep you in pain. Gaurav’s performance was decent, however, he has to improve his delivery and gestures. We hope that it improves in his future flicks.

Direction & Story Telling:

Suraj Panday, a budding director, has worked tirelessly to create an engrossing film for the Nepalese audience. Although the production is adequate for a debut picture, the developers have achieved considerable technological advances. Dipendra K. Khanel, who has previously delivered box office hits to Nepalese audiences, is likely to contribute to the story and script. Parstree’s creators must work hard to establish meaningful conflicts and plotlines in the film that will keep audiences engaged. We hope that subsequent films will improve in these areas.

Movie Verdict:

Parstree is an enthralling drama that delves into the physical desires of the film’s heroes. If you enjoy romantic thriller films, you might enjoy this one. If you appreciate seeing Shilpa Maskey and Koshish Chhetri on the big screen, you’ll enjoy Shilpa Maskey and Koshish Chhetri’s performance in the theater.

Parstree Movie Rating:⭐⭐/ 5


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