Parstree (2023) Movie Trailer: Love V/s Lust – Who Wins? | Koshish Chhetri Shilpa Maskey Gaurav Bista

The Parstree movie trailer depicts an erotic thriller that combines storylines of love, sexuality, treachery, and criminality. The trailer has some strong momentsĀ of Shilpa that may startle the audience.

parstree movie trailer

Shilpa Maskey is depicted in the trailer as a radio DJ who is satisfied with her job, but her marital life is a disaster since her husband is preoccupied with his company. Even when he calls her, he always has a bad feeling and ignores her. Shipa falls in love with a new person she meets at the gym, but the gym guy is only exploiting her. When Shipla does not receive the affection she expected, everything becomes problematic.

Suraj Panday directs the film Parstree, which marks his directorial debut. Deepdendra K Khanal, an accomplished director, wrote the thriller film. Koshish Chhetri, Shilpa Maskey, Gaurav Bista, Geet Bista, Alisha Chhetri, Aashant Sharma, Rambabu Regmi, Saraswati Adhikari, Jhaken BC, and Arpit Neupane star in the film. The film Parstree will be released in theaters on June 30, 2023. Best wishes to everyone in the team.


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