Pashupati Prasad (2016) Movie Review: Amazing Story

The Pashupati Prasad film welcomes an audience’s heart in every aspect of storytelling. The film has received a lot of honor for its excellent direction by Dipendra K Khanal and its strong performance by Khagendra Lamichhane.

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Pashupati Prasad Movie Story:

Pashupati Prasad (Khagendra Lamichhane) travels from a tiny hamlet to Kathmandu to earn money and settle his father’s creditor’s debt. When he visits the capital, he can only rely on his Mitbaa (Prakash Ghimire) for aid. He meets Mitbaa by happenstance while roaming about the hallowed Pashupatinath temple. Mitbaa acts as though he has never seen his uncle, despite the fact that Pashupati recognizes him.

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After that, Mitbaa apologizes to Pashupati for his disrespectful actions. Mitbaa is acting weirdly due to his restricted earning potential, peculiar work, and low-quality lifestyle. He couldn’t bring himself to expose his true identity in front of his relatives. Pashupati helps his uncle in every way he can now that he knows everything. When his uncle is away on business, he handles everything from cooking to cleaning dishes and clothes. And that is how they are living their lives.

Pashupati Prasad wants to work in his spare time to earn money, but he has no idea what to do. He asks his uncle to find him a job and is placed in the wood handling industry. The local goon, Bhasmey Don (Bipin Karki), and his crew, on the other hand, would torment him to prevent him from doing good. Bhasmey never gives Pashupati a moment of silence when they meet, which drives Pashupati to leave the wood business.

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Bhasmey is only afraid of one guy in the entire city: Hanuman Ji (Rabindra Singh Baniya). When Pashupati is in danger, Hanuman Ji chases Bhasmey and his gang away. Mr. Hanuman employs Pashupati Prasad in an outfit-selling firm to assist him in making money. He worked hard and began to save money in order to pay off his debt. Everything is OK till Pashupati realizes that his Mitbaa has stolen his money. Seeing all of this, he departs from his uncle’s domain, swearing never to return.

Pashupati Prasad Movie Cast & Performance:

In the film, Khagendra Lamichhane’s incredible performance steals the stage. Khagendra’s conversations in the film are authentic and spontaneous, enthralling the audience. Pashupati’s difficult and torturous journey throughout the film causes the audience to cry, yet his cheerful and self-motivating attributes make the audience grin. The most captivating scene in the film is when we see Khagendra Lamichhane’s superb performance. Wow!

Barsha Siwakoti (Bunu) is the most beautiful character in the film. Barsha portrays Khagendra Lamichhane’s love interest in the film, and the two fell in love at first sight. Despite the fact that Barsha’s character is mute, she delivers a charming and joyous performance in the picture. We would expect more of her screen presence in the film’s plot as spectators. Outstanding effort.

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In the film Pashupati Prasad, Bipin Karki plays an antagonist. Bipin’s role, Bhasmey Don, is one of the film’s most unforgettable. Mr. Karki’s outstanding performance would confirm the character’s identification. We want to detest the guy since he is continuously bothering our heroine Pashupati. Regardless, Bipin gives an entertaining performance that we would watch again and again. It was amazing!

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Rabindra Singh Baniya (Hanuman Ji) plays a comic part in the film. He enjoys taking photos with tourists at the Pashupatinath temple dressed as Hanuman. Rabindra’s persona is one of the most recent to be presented to the Nepalese audience. The audience will be entertained as well as encouraged by Rabindra’s presentation. Hanuman Ji and Pashupati Prasad are the film’s finest besties.

Direction & Story Telling:

The film’s director, Dipendra K Khanal, has done an amazing job of narrative and presenting exceptional characters to Nepalese audiences. Every character has a terrible past, yet their charisma and presentation make the audience cry. Khagendra Lamichhane’s terrific writing keeps viewers on the edge of their seats because the conversations are so skillfully written and performed by the characters. The entire film team deserves credit for producing such a fantastic film. Wonderful!

Movie Verdict:

Pashupati Prasad is a one-of-a-kind film in the Nepalese film industry. The film is enjoyable to watch since the story is unique, the characters are portrayed in innovative ways, and the language is outstanding. It’s fair to say that this film was worth every cash and second we spent viewing it. Pashupati Prasad comes highly recommended. The finest film of the year! ❤️

Pashupati Prasad Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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